Planet Love Vol. 2: Early Transmissions 1990-95 - Various


Deep House, Trance, Techno, Breakbeat, Ambient

Shifting focus from the Italian Dream House compilations, Safe Trip has set its sights on the formative days of trance. Volume 1 houses a 13-track set that spans a wonderful cross-section of those halcyon days - bringing to light some lesser-played proto-trance releases - and should appeal to both seasoned collectors and a new generation eager for an authentic taste of the early '90s.


A1: Hawke - 3 Nudes In A Purple Garden
A2: Mindgear - Don't Panic (Transpanic Mix)
A3: Glam - My Mother Said (Cosmic Trance Mix)
B1: Young American Primitive - These Waves
B2: Holy Ghost - Mad Monks On Zinc
B3: Morgan Wild - Dionysian Dream Sacrament
X1: Epsilon Nine - Life Formation
X2: Spooky - Orange Coloured Liquid
X3: Extasia - Alegrya (Virtual Mix)
X4: Humate - Love Stimulation (Love Mix)
Y1: Oneiric Vortex - Oasi
Y2: Human Beings - The Matrix
Y3: L.S.G. - Lonely Casseopaya (Club Mix)