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Surfboard Fins | Surfboard Fins Online - Benny's Boardroom

A tire is to your car as a surfboard fin is to your surfboard. The right / wrong surfboard fins will make / break your surfboard.

Surfboard fins are important - REALLY important - yet few surfers (even really, really experienced ones) know what a given fin or fin setup is intended to do.

Like surfboards themselves, surfboard fins are suited specifically for a given wave type (and therefore board type) and it's super important that you select the the right fins for your board.

At Outerbound's, we try to take the guess work out of selecting the right surfboard fins for your board. Depending on the ride you are looking for and, importantly, the waves in which you intend to ride the board, there is an ideal surfboard fin and fin setup for you. Here are some of the most popular surfboard fins setups compared:

  • Single fin setups ride fast down the line, executing more elegant pivots, are great for noseriding and have good hold in the barrel
  • Twin fin setups or ‘twinnys’ are generally quicker, livelier, looser and allow a tighter pivot than the single fin but they can be hard to control, especially in difficult conditions
  • 3 Fin Thruster fin setups are, by far, the most popular fin setup in the world today for their versatility; combining speed, precision and control to perform critical manouvres
  • Quad fin setups (Outerbound's favourite) are super fast and great for powerful, arcing turns

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