Mas Amable - DJ Python


Reggaeton, Ambient, IDM

Brian Piñeyro takes a rambling, sidewinding trip exploring slippery, mutable 90/180bpm metrics with a serpentine guile - across 50 minutes of seamlessly arranged transitions from lush field recordings to hip-gripping dembow permutations and semi-conscious and tripped-out vocals. Python dangles the dance by a fine conceptual thread that ties the constant rhythmic chronics to their subtly shifting tonal/textural variables. Call it ambient-jungle-dancehall, deep reggaeton, whatever; it’s just an incredible record for lovers of rhythm and sound of all stripes.



A1: Te Conocí
A2: Pia
A3: Alejandro
A4: Oooophi
B1: Descanse
B3: Juntos
B4: Mmmm