Mark Honorè - Minimalist No-Stitch Wallet - Tanned

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A piece of practical simplicity, the minimalist leather wallet is part-tool, part-artpiece. Made for both Australian and American notes, it is created using a single piece (not a single stitch!) of bark-tanned kangaroo leather. With one note compartment and room for up to 20 cards (you don't need 20 cards), it is ingeniously structured using ancient Japanese origami techniques.

Mark Honorè is steadily becoming an iconic piece of Australian heritage.

Every piece is handcrafted in the NSW Southern Highlands and the workmanship is nothing short of exquisite. If you're looking for a stylish, hardwearing and unique piece of everyday carry, you can't go past Mark's work, and this minimalist wallet is one of the most sought-after in his product range.

Your faithful wordsmith received his first Mark Honorè piece in 2009 (a minimialist wallet just like this one, in fact - lost and returned at least twice) and it is still going strong. Every ten years or so, feel free to unfold it, lie it flat and treat the leather.