James° - The Carter - OD Green / Stainless / Micarta / Straight Knife

$227.05 $239.90


You've gotta touch and feel this Micarta stuff. It's. The. Business.

This is the most popular knife in The James Brand's formidable range: that's not a reason to like it, but we can list a few that are VERY good reasons to like this knife:

- VG-10 Machined Stainless Steel

- Slim profile

- Light (but oh-so-solid!)

- That beautiful little thumb disc you know and love

- Phosphorous bronze washers

- 7cm of slicing action, 16.7cm in total

- Designed in Portland

- Available to order right here, right now.

Looking for a bit more weight? Check out The Carter's aptly-named big brother, The Carter XL.