First Contact - Luuk Van Dijk


Minimal, Deep House, Tech House

A sonic snapshot of one of electronic music's ascending talents. From the emotive UK 2-step vibes of 'Love You' (feat Dawn Richard) or the slo-mo mood music of 'Wolf' (feat Oneofmanysteves), to the druggy afterhours tech house of 'Master Plug' featuring Chicago's Kid Enigma and the deep late night affair that is 'Lightining Striking' - this is the end result of a long and intense voyage of discovery.



A1: Cosmiq
A2: Love You Ft. Dawn Richard
A3: Return Of The Gobble
B1: Its Okay
B2: Wolf Ft. Oneofmanysteves
B3: Raise My Spirit
C1: Master Plug Ft. Kid Enigma
C2: Hot Stuff
C3: Let The Bass Kick
D1: Together We Rise
D2: Too Far Gone
D3: Lightning Striking
D4: Knowing How To Love