Azari & III (10-Year Anniversary Transparent Vinyl Repress) - Azari & III


Deep House

Turbo Recordings brings you a special 10-year anniversary repress in transparent vinyl of Azari & III's self-titled debut album - possessing an individual classic-future feel, with trademark lush synthesizations, biting soulful choruses, and ominous overtones. Their unique blend of moody electronica, dark yet hooky vocal choruses, and analog-thick rhythms has defined a sound that relishes in its references while maintaining a future perspective even ten years after its initial release. Although the group has since disbanded, their legacy lives on. 


A1: Into The Night
A2: Reckless (With Your Love) (With Your Love)
A3: Tunnel Vision
B1: Lost In Time
B2: Indigo
B3: Manhooker
C1: Infiniti
C2: Change Of Heart
D1: Hungry For The Power
D2: Undecided
D3: Manic