1999 (2LP + CD) - Cassius


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French Touch, Electro

A thrust alongside Daft Punk's Homework and Air's Moon Safari that fanned the flames of a burgeoning French house scene. Excellent in places and peculiar in others, Cassius' dream is an unusual mix of emotions, tempo and colour drawing on a mix of influences that take in rock, pop and electro.


A1: Cassius 1999
A2: Feeling For You
A3: Crazy Legs
A4: La Mouche
B1: Chase
B2: Foxxy
B3: Planetz
B4: Hey Babe
C1: Mister Eveready
C2: Nulife
C3: Interlude
C4: Somebody
D1: Club Soixante Quinze
D2: Supa Crush
D3: Invisible
D4: Cassius 99'