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Derived from Nature. Engineered with Science. Triumph & Disaster is a Modern Apothecary and Skincare Foundry.

Hailing from the great island nation of New Zealand, this bespoke men's grooming brand is dedicated to helping men feel great about their grooming routine. Triumph & Disaster's grooming products are carefully created under the watchful eye of three principles:

What comes from the earth goes back to it – Triumph & Disaster strive to make their products as natural as possible without compromising performance or safety.

No parabens, no petrochemicals and no silicones.

Simple, natural formulations engineered with honest intentions.


By working with a great team of chemists and a world class perfumer Triumph & Disaster have brought their men's grooming ideas to life and developed a brand for men who want clean, healthy and vibrant skin, men who want a close, clean shave and men who want to feel more connected to the art of shaving and good grooming.

Welcome to Triumph & Disaster, purveyors of quality men's grooming products.