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Blunt Umbrellas | Shop Blunt Umbrellas Online at Benny's Boardroom

Throw away the throw away umbrella culture with Blunt Umbrellas.

Blunt Umbrellas represent an entirely new rethink of an outdated product design and are built to last.

  1. a device consisting of a (usually poorly attached) circular canopy of cloth on a folding metal frame (usually made from cheap materials that bend and break under the slightest breeze) supported by a central rod, used as protection against rain (when they don't fall apart immediately) but more commonly found filling rubbish bins or poking people in the eye.

A simple, elegant and functional design, Blunt Umbrellas was founded by Kiwi design engineer Greig Brebner in 1999.

Struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration during a classic, rainy London rush hour commute, umbrellas had become a product that fails if there is more than a breath of wind and breaks completely after a few months of use, only to wind up in a landfill. They didn't really work.

Until now. Winner of a Red Dot Design Award, every single Blunt Umbrella must undergo a rigorous 38 point quality control check before it is ready for dispatch. 

"Structurally, the Blunt falls somewhere between suspension bridge and NASA space probe." - WIRED Magazine

From the ultra packable Blunt XS Metro to the Blunt Classic to the Blunt XL, the umbrella that redefines large umbrella performance, discover the latest Blunt Umbrella models at  Outerbound.

Blunt Umbrellas. Be part of the solution with an umbrella that works.

Some of the reasons why we love Blunt Umbrellas:

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