Every great brand has a great story behind it. We looked into adventurers' favourite brands to see just where they got their inspiration from. 

Some of the brands have earned their name the old-fashioned way - after their founders - but others have more interesting stories. Read on to see how creative your favourite brand was with their name.


Status Anxiety

Our customers can't get enough of Status Anxiety's handmade, sleek wallets, stylish handbags and practical backpacks. Above all, this brand values the unassuming design and functionality. Their products are made from premium European leather, and with absolute attention to detail. Following trends takes a back seat to the unique, stripped-down design that never goes out of style.

But, how did it all start and what exactly is "status anxiety?"

Explained in Alain de Botton's book by the same name, status anxiety is the social phenomenon of anxiety that arises from people comparing themselves to others and worrying too much about what the others think of them. It is the desire to climb the social ladder and is often the result of having financial difficulties.

When it comes to the brand, it was founded in 2004 by two friends, Will Sked and Scott Hawkes, who somehow managed to launch their brand in fashion boutiques in Sydney with just one style and 6 colours. Today, the brand is sold in 12 countries of the world. With their minimalistic and sophisticated design, Status Anxiety definitely isn't for the masses; it's for urban adventurers with the finest taste in leather goods.

We just love their wallets, and this best-selling Status Anxiety Delilah Wallet is perfect for adventurous women who fear no challenges


Herschel Supply Co.

It's no secret that Herschel is one of the favourite brands on our shelves. It's easy to see why it's so popular. 

Inspired by the world around us, Herschel Supply Co. makes bags and accessories designed perfectly for the urban everyday traveller. Their motto is creating a "timeless product with a fine regard for detail," while also following unusual design for those who wish to experience something different.

When it comes to the name, it reveals a century-long tradition, a tradition older than the brand itself.

Herschel Supply Co. was founded in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, and they decided to give their brand a name that would honour their family and their hometown. In the early 1900s, their great, great grandparents Peter Alexander Cormack and his wife Annie made the journey from Wick, Scotland, to Canada. They settled in a small town of Herschel, which now has only 65 residents.

Herschel honours the tradition by nurturing the classic design, and combining it with modern functionality. When they say their products are made to last, they mean it - all Herschel products are covered by a lifetime warranty.

We can barely decide which Herschel piece is our favourite, but this Herschel Novel 42.5L Duffle is definitely among our top choices.


Starting off as a company that only produced climbing gear and tools, Patagonia is now one of the leading clothing and outdoor gear producer famous for their durable, yet stylish products that are produced in a responsible way. Just like the brand itself, Patagonia builds gear for those who love exploring the planet and embracing challenges.

Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, had already been producing climbing tools under the name "Chouinard." When they started producing clothes as well, there was a hard decision to make - keep the existing name or start from scratch with a new one. Yvon Chouinard decided not to dilute the image of the existing brand, but he also wanted the new brand to be associated with more than just mountain climbing. 

And so, Patagonia was born in 1973.

Patagonia is the name of a region in the southern part of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile. For the brand's customers it evokes, as they put it, "romantic visions of glaciers tumbling into fjords, jagged windswept peaks, gauchos and condors."

Aside from being fashionable and reliable, Patagonia is also a synonym for a brand that deeply cares about the environment and reflects that in the creation of their products.

Patagonia is the best companion for travellers no matter what corner of the earth they want to conquer, but there's probably no better choice for surfers and water lovers alike than Patagonia gear, such as this incredible Patagonia Men's R1 Yulex Lite Wetsuit.



The North Face

Designed to help you explore the wilderness, The North Face is all about durability, functionality and comfort. But, the brand also prides itself on a unique sense of style, moulded by the free spirit of the adventurers. 

The North Face is a brand for lovers of the outdoors, explorers of local forests or gutsy climbers of the Himalayas.

If you are one of those curious wanderers, you have probably tried some of this brand's amazing products. But, do you know what the north face stands for?

Image from The North Face

The north face is the coldest, iciest, most difficult and unforgiving side of the mountain.

It perfectly translates to the company's mission - going to extremes and helping adventurers reach the most challenging heights. The North Face is dedicated to encouraging and enabling exploration with their motto - never stop exploring.   

The brand was founded in 1966 by two hiking enthusiasts. It soon became the leader in producing high-performance climbing and backpacking gear. Although a lot has changed in those 50 years, their core values remain the same. The North Face is one of the first choices of the world's most accomplished athletes, climbers, mountaineers, and extreme skiers.

Their backpacks, such as this North Face Pivoter 27L Backpack, remain our best-selling products, and it's easy to see why - they are perfect for both a daily commute and a hiking trip.




When we talk about watches, we immediately think of Tsovet. It is definitely one of our favourite brands of timepieces. These watches are a perfect combination of style and innovation. They are sophisticated and elegant and created with such attention to detail that sets them apart from all other watch manufacturers.

What we love about Tsovet watches (and our customers agree) is the unique philosophy they are created with.

Tsovet believes each watch they create is a personal journey, and each model has its own history and a story to tell. They are always looking to honour the technology and materials of the times passed and incorporate them into the modern design.

Image from Tsovet

When it comes to the brand's name, Tsovet represents the superb efficiency and strength, and the freedom of travel and exploration. These watches are also inspired by the natural elements such as air and water.

Founded in 2008, Tsovet could be called a newcomer on the market. However, with its distinct design and the obsession with the details, the brand has quickly grown in popularity. Not only are Tsovet watches elegant and unique, but also extremely precise and durable, which makes them perfect field watches.

At Benny's Boardroom, we're huge Tsovet fans ourselves, and this Tsovet Jpt-Pw36 Classic Men's Watch is one of our favourite pieces.



Triumph & Disaster

Probably one of the most unique brands out there, Triumph & Disaster creates and manufactures truly extraordinary grooming essentials for men. Their idea is based around combining old-fashioned grooming methods such as razor shaving, and traditional natural ingredients with contemporary innovations in science. 

Triumph & Disaster is a brand dedicated to men who take care of themselves, and who appreciate a good grooming routine. It certainly isn't everyone's cup of tea, but this brand doesn't aim to be for everyone.

Apart from working with only the highest-quality ingredients and a team of expert chemists and perfumers, Triumph & Disaster embodies three key ideas: all-natural ingredients, environment-conscious technologies, and simple formulations.

Just like the brand itself, Triumph & Disaster has a very interesting story behind its name. It comes from a poem "If" by Rudyard Kipling, written as advice from father to son on how to be a man. The verse in question is: 

"If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools"

The brand follows a similar juxtaposition between the contemporary and the longing for the past. Their goal is to combine the best of nature and the best of science to always be prepared for Triumph and Disaster just the same.

One of our favourite manly presents is the ultimate Triumph And Disaster Stash Box that includes all the grooming essentials for the modern man.



We're sure you loved these brands already, but knowing the inspiring philosophies behind their names sure makes them even more fascinating in our book.

Do you know of another brand with an interesting story behind its name? Feel free to share in the comments.

February 12, 2017 — Benny R
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