What is the next best thing to outdoor adventure? Ice cold beer waiting for you when you get there.


Patagonia Makes Beer and Promotes Sustainable Farming

Patagonia Makes Beer and Promotes Sustainable Farming - Benny's Boardroom 


One of our signature Benny’s Boardroom brands, Patagonia, tapped into that spirit with its brand new Long Root Ale and then turned on the nitro. Not only is Patagonia staying awesome by partnering with Hopworks Urban Brewery to produce the new suds, they are also laser-focused on ingredients that promote sustainable farming.



One of Long Root Ale’s claims to fame is that it is fermented with a superwheat called “Kernza®.” The genetic make-up behind Kernza® was developed by The Land Institute of Kansas. This organization promotes science-based research of grains and grasses geared toward preventing soil erosion. The loss of precious top soil due to annual crop harvests results in a shortage of key nutrients and farmable land area globally. Kernza’s® claim to fame is that it grows back year after year without being removed from the soil. That fact, plus its delicious spicy flavor, made it the perfect main ingredient for Patagonia’s new sustainable brewing effort.


Patagonia Clothing | Patagonia Outdoor Gear - Benny's Boardroom

Climate change is real (someone, please tell Trump) and we are super proud of Patagonia’s mission to face the problem head-on. Not only does the brand consider itself to be an activist company, it walks the walk by weaving social responsibility into its company culture. Patagonia wasn’t afraid to take a hard look at its product lifecycle's and created a win-win for customers and climate alike that is constantly improving. From energy efficient production lines to its 100% recycled down jackets, Patagonia is blazing a path of success for other companies to follow.


Patagonia Clothing | Patagonia Outdoor Gear - Benny's Boardroom

Shedding light on the need for improved farming systems through its Patagonia Long Root Ale is just one effort in the company’s long history of activist capitalism. Patagonia’s senior leaders are willing to take stands against environmental threats while still profiting as a company and we applaud them for it.


Patagonia Clothing | Patagonia Outdoor Gear - Benny's Boardroom

Here at Benny’s Boardroom, we believe it’s the little things that create epic impact. This is why we love to work with brands like Patagonia. They make great stuff but they also do it with a conscious.

Now, grab a Patagonia Long Root Ale, your Patagonia Backpack, some friends, and go live the life you love.

November 15, 2016 — Benny R
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