You want to get the perfect Christmas gift for the women that do so much for you but it's hard. So we've made it easy for you. 

The 2017 holidays are fast approaching and this handy gift guide will help you with the all important holiday gifts ideas for the special women in your life.

Here are 9 Amazing Holiday Gift Guide Ideas for Her that are sure to please the discerning mother, girlfriend, wife or lady friend in your life.

We even made you a 2017 Australian Gift Guide for WOMEN video...


9 Amazing Holiday Gift Guide Ideas for Her

1. Blunt Umbrella XS Metro - Pink - $88.95

Number one, the Blunt Umbrella XS Metro. If you live in Melbourne when four seasons in a day is common or if you live anywhere in Australia you need to have a good umbrella.

Blunt Umbrellas make the best umbrellas around. Their noble mission is to:

throw away the throw away umbrella culture

I can say because I use them that this is, without a doubt, the best umbrella on earth.


Shop Blunt Umbrellas XS Metro Online - Benny's Boardroom

Shop Blunt Umbrellas XS Metro


2. Orbitkey Rose Gold / Sage - $49.90

Number two on our list of 9 Amazing Holiday Gift Guide Ideas for Her, the Orbitkey. This is from Orbitkey's Rose Gold Collection. This is a new Orbitkey, the is the Rose Gold / Sage colour way.

Orbitkey's are a little thing that once you have one you don't want to live without it. I've got my orbitkey in my pocket, I can't live without it. It's an amazing way to organise your keys. You can put a bottle opener on it, you can get a USB key that's built specifically for the Orbitkey. This is a gift that everyone will appreciate.

Orbitkey 2.0 Leather Key Holder Rose Gold / Sage Online | Benny's Boardroom

Shop Orbitkey 2.0 Leather Key Holder - Rose Gold Collection


3. Status Anxiety State of Flux Wallet - Coral - $119.95

Number three on our 2017 gift guide for her is essential everyday carry for everybody: the wallet.

This is the Status Anxiety State of Flux Wallet. This is the coral colour way, which is quite pretty and this is a great all-around ladies wallet. It has plenty of room for a phone, cards, coins and cash.

It feels great, it looks great. This is an awesome option.

Shop Status Anxiety State of Flux Women's Wallet Online - Benny's Boardroom 

Shop Status Anxiety State of Flux Women's Wallet


4. RAEN Remmy 52 Sunglasses - Arctic Crystal - $209.95

Number four on our list of great gifts for her, the RAEN Remy Sunglasses in Arctic crystal with smoke blue mirror lenses. The beauty of these is that you can steal them and wear them when she's not using them.

Shop RAEN Remmy 52 Unisex Sunglasses - Arctic Crystal | Benny's Boardroom

Shop RAEN Unisex Sunglasses


5. Patagonia Centred Tights - Rivermount / Andes Blue - 109.95

Number five...and I have a small confession to make. I would wear comfy tights all day long if I could and I'm quite jealous because comfy tights look horrible on me, I'd scare people on the street.

If you're a woman, however, we have these lovely Patagonia Centred Tights. Patagonia makes bulletproof stuff that's built to last. These are made of the finest quality materials, they feel amazing, and these provide your lady with a lifetime of good use.

Shop Patagonia Centred Tights - Rivermouth / Andes Blue Online | Benny's Boardroom

Shop Patagonia Women's Active Wear


6. Herschel Settlement Backpack - Aspect Collection - $139.95

Number six on our Australian gift guide for 2017 is the Herschel Settlement Backpack from Herschel's premium Aspect Collection.

Herschel makes great backpacks, they have lifetime warranties so we know that they're going to last. This is part of Herschel's Aspect Collection and this is a great size for work, school, play, it's a great all-around day pack.


Shop Herschel Aspect Settlement Backpack Online | Benny's Boardroom

Shop Herschel Aspect Backpacks Online


7. The North Face Womens Jester 26L Backpack - Quail Grey/Cerise Pink - $129.95

If you like to get on the trail, you like to spend a bit more time outdoors and you want something that's a little more technical, number seven is this backpack.

This is the Women's North Face Jester Backpack. The North Face makes some of the best all-around technical backpacks. This bag is ergonomically designed for a heavy day on the trail if you want. You could also wear this in the city. This could also be your workbag but if you want something that's a little more technical this North Face Jester Backpack is pretty awesome.

 Buy The North Face Jester Women's Backpack Online | Benny's Boardroom

Shop The North Face Women's Backpacks 


8. S'well Bottle Spectrum Collection - Prism 500ml  - $74.95

Number eight on our fantastic 2017 holiday gift guide for her is something everybody should own - men, women, and children - is a great reusable water bottle.

This S'well Bottle comes in one of the new styles from S'well called the Spectrum Collection, which as you can see has a prism-like colour way.

S'well bottles are one of our best sellers for good reason, they keep water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. You can put your coffee, a hot tea or a glass of wine and it will keep it nice and hot or cold.

Plastic bottle waste is a problem. We would all be good to do something to try to eradicate it. What better way than to have an awesome reusable water bottle like this S'well Bottle?

Shop S'well Bottle Spectrum Collection - Prism | Benny's Boardroom

Shop S'well Reusable Drink Bottles from $44.95


9. Bellroy Bags Slim Work Tote - Middle Grey - $238.95

Number nine on our list is something that is *NEW* that we're a little bit excited about. This is part of Bellroy's beautiful new bags range, it is called the Bellroy Slim Tote.

The Bellroy Slim Tote is a beautiful, functional little tote. You can actually put this over your shoulder or carry it as a tote with the handles.

This Slim Tote is super functional, this is a great bag to take into the city or to school. It holds a 15 inch laptop, it's beautiful, functional, and slim. Like all things Bellroy, it's made from ethically sourced materials and it's produced responsibly.

Shop the Bellroy Bags Slim Work Tote Online Australia | Benny's Boardroom

Shop the new Bellroy Bags Collection

BONUS! Bellroy Pocket Womens Wallet - Alabaster - $139.95

Those are our nine great gifts for her! I hope you enjoyed this holiday gift guide for 2017 and we have a little bonus.

Since we like Bellroy so much, here is the Bellroy Pocket women's wallet. This is a beautiful little women's wallet from Bellroy, also new to their range.

This is the Bellroy Pocket in Alabaster and this is a great women's wallet. Slim design, beautiful in every way like all things Bellroy.

Shop Bellroy Pocket Women's Wallet Online Australia | Benny's Boardroom

Shop Bellroy Pocket Women's Wallets



That is our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Her, I hope you enjoyed it!

Check out these and other super awesome 2017 holiday gift ideas for HER at!

Hope you enjoy this 2017 Australian Gift Guide for WOMEN!

All the best,

Team BB

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