Feel like you need a quick break from city life?

You're in luck.

The New South Wales coast of Australia is lined with secluded campgrounds overlooking pristine beaches.

Whether you want to rough it with bare basics or go the glamping route, this stretch of coastline has amazing options to choose from.


Here are eight beach camping spots in NSW you can easily escape to next weekend:


8 Must-Visit Beach Camping Spots in NSW



1. Little Beach: Beachfront Camping at its Best

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Little Beach Campground is the ideal place for a weekend getaway. You can unplug, catch a few waves and sip your morning coffee with your toes in the sand.

About a two-hour drive North from Sydney on the Central Coast, this campground is nestled in a natural cove with littoral rainforest on one side and waves on the other.

You can make the most of the outdoors here by going fishing, surfing during small clean swells or going for a bushwalk.


The facilities here are minimal. There are non-flush toilets, gas barbeques and picnic tables. Everything else you’ll have to bring with you, including drinking water.

You’ll also have to carry your gear about 750 m from the parking area to the campsite, but the trek is worth it.


2. Tallow Beach Campground: Escape the Everyday

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Tallow Beach is a secluded beach camping spot outside Killcare - also on the Central Coast of NSW. The campsite is small, with only six unpowered tent sites available. If you’re looking for a few days of simplicity and serenity, this is the place to go.

You can explore the 2.9 km Flannel Flower walking track which leads to Lobster Bay and rewards with spectacular views from the lookout point. There’s also a fun surf break and fishing spots aplenty to enjoy.

Getting to this secluded beach camping site is quite a trek. It’s a 1.2 km hike from the carpark to the camp and you’ll need to carry all your food, water and equipment. The site has non-flush toilets and that’s about it.

There’s no drinking water, mobile reception, rubbish bins or barbeques, so you’ll need to bring everything you need with you. And take your rubbish back home. Remember to bring a solar shower if you’re planning on staying for a few days.


3. Coledale Camping Reserve: A Quick Getaway

The Coledale Camping Reserve is a one-hour drive South from Sydney along the picturesque Grand Pacific Drive.

Set up camp right on the sand and enjoy an uncrowded surf in the breaks this beach has to offer. You might even find yourself in the company of dolphins or migrating whales. Coledale is the perfect place to wake up to crashing waves, catch a few fish and enjoy a cold beer as the sun sets.

The campsite is run by the local surf-lifesaving club with powered and unpowered sites to choose from. There are flush toilets, hot showers, picnic tables and barbeques to make your stay more comfortable.


4. Bristol Point Camping Ground: Bring Your Friends

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Head out to the Bristol Point Camping Ground in Booderee National Park for the perfect weekend getaway with friends. Unlike most beach camping spots, Bristol Point can accommodate groups of up to 35 people. 

You can spend your days swimming, fishing, cycling or snorkeling away the stress of city life. Learn about local culture by joining a campfire yarn and listening to traditional stories from the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community.

Bristol Point Camping Ground is equipped with hot showers, fresh water, flushing toilets, picnic tables and wood barbeques.


5. Pebbly Beach Campground: Between Forest & Sea

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Pebbly Beach Campground is located in the Murramarang National Park. Getting there takes a two-hour drive from Canberra.

Spend your weekend surrounded by lush forests, pristine coastline and friendly kangaroos. Take a short walk to the beach for a fun afternoon of swimming, fishing and relaxing under the South Coast sun.

Pebbly Beach has gravel platforms where you can pitch your tent next to your car. There’s no mobile coverage, so it’s an ideal place to unplug for a few days. Amenities include cold showers, flush toilets, gas and wood barbeques and drinking water.


6. Pretty Beach Campground: Nature's Best

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True to its name, Pretty Beach Campground on NSW's secluded South Coast is set in one of the prettiest sites on the New South Wales coast. Three-and-a-half-hours drive from South from Sydney, the spacious campsite offers a respite from city living that's hard to beat.

Enjoy the natural setting by taking meditative beach walks, catching a few fish or going for a dip in the ocean. You’ll also get to see the kangaroos, goannas and lyrebirds that call this place home.

The campground is well-equipped with hot showers, flush toilets, electric barbeques and laundry facilities. Remember to take enough $1 coins with you, as hot showers cost $1 per 4 minutes. You can even buy ice at the ranger's hut to mix the perfect gin and tonic for your sundowners.  


7. Saltwater Creek: Waves for Days

Saltwater Creek Campground is set in the Ben Boyd National Park on the Far South Coast of New South Wales. If you’re the type of person who would drive seven hours from Sydney to get barrelled at an epic right-hand point break (I am), this is the beach camping spot for you. When there’s a good swell running, the wave can break for up to 300 m.

If you’re not a surfer, Saltwater Creek’s shallow lagoons are perfect for practicing your SUP skills. If you’re there at the right time of year, you could catch a glimpse of migrating whales.

The campground is basic with non-flush toilets, no mobile reception, barbeque facilities and picnic tables.


8. Depot Beach Campground: A Piece Of Paradise

Why not pitch your tent between the spotted blue gumtrees at Depot Beach Campground for a few nights? It's an ideal stop after staying at Pebbly Beach since it's only an 8 km drive between the two campgrounds.

If you're keen for a hike, check out the Rock Platform Walk and the Depot Beach Rainforest walk. Or enjoy a good book on the beach.

If you're into cooking, remember to bring your favourite gourmet pizza ingredients along. The campsite is equipped with pizza ovens, so you can dine in style.

Amenities include hot showers, flush toilets, laundry facilities, picnic tables and barbeques. Showers are coin-operated and cost $1 per 4 minutes.



Are you daydreaming of campfires with a sea view or getting barrelled in uncrowded surf? Taking a quick camping trip along the NSW coast might be just what you need.

Spending a few sun-filled days and star-lit nights at one of these eight locations is bound to give you a new perspective and a great tan.

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