For some people, sneakers are their pride and joy. Sneaker lovers everywhere will gladly go the extra mile to keep their shoes looking fresh at all times. Whether this means carefully walking around puddles to avoid splash marks or even carrying around a bag of baby wipes for a quick emergency dirt removal, sneaker lovers will do whatever it takes.

While others simply care about keeping their sneakers looking decent so they can last longer. Just tell them what to do when the splash marks get excessive or how to get rid of the mystery stain and they will be content.


Five Simple Rules for Easy Clean Sneakers

Five Simple Rules for Easy Clean Sneakers | Benny's Boardroom


Whether you’re a sneaker lover or not, keeping your sneakers clean is no longer a simple task like throwing them into the washing machine.

Because the brands are more elite and therefore use a higher quality material, the sneaker cleaning process has become more complex. By following these steps you can ensure that your sneakers stay in prime condition and last longer.


Five Simple Rules for Easy Clean Sneakers | Benny's Boardroom


1. Quick Clean

Using a damp cloth or wipe, gently wipe away any smears, marks, or blotches. If you’re moving and need a touch-up, quick wipes work great. If there’s dirt lodged in the soles of the shoes you can bang the bottom of the shoes together lightly to remove dirt clumps. For anything that is left over use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on rubber soles.


2. Deep-clean

Sometimes cleaning your sneakers might require a bit more effort to keep them in top shape. First, apply a couple drops of shoe cleaner to a damp shoe brush. Gently shake off the brush before lightly scrubbing the sneaker all over until it foams. For the tricky spots use a toothbrush to get into the crevices of the sneaker. You should then wipe the sneaker off with a towel and repeat the process.   For more stubborn stains dab and twist the towel to lift the stain and dry the sneaker.


Five Simple Rules for Easy Clean Sneakers | Benny's Boardroom


3. Replace the Lace

Good looking laces create good looking sneakers. If your laces are worn down and tattered on the ends, remove the laces from the show and invest in new white laces. For older laces that you want to keep using, soak in laundry detergent before putting them in a laundry bag to wash. Make sure to wash on hot white wash.


4. Add Protection

After you have cleaned your shoes and allowed them to dry naturally, you should put water repellent on your shoes to protect them. Put down a towel and spray the water repellent onto your sneakers. Remember premium leather, suede, or canvas shoes might react differently based on the kind of water repellent you get. Make sure that the water repellent says that it is compatible with whatever kind of material you have.


Five Simple Rules for Easy Clean Sneakers | Benny's Boardroom


5. Box Them Up

To draw moisture out and freshen your sneakers put a dryer fabric sheet inside. This is especially important if you do not wear socks with your sneakers. One of the best ways to store your sneakers is to keep them in the original box, preferably in some kind of dust bag.



Consider yourself enlightened, grasshopper. We hope these simple tips lead you to a better life of so fresh, so clean sneakers.

Five Simple Rules for Easy Clean Sneakers.


Five Simple Rules for Easy Clean Sneakers | Benny's Boardroom

September 05, 2016 — Benny R
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