My wife tells me that I am the hardest person on earth to buy a gift for because I have everything I want.

Sound familiar?

Well, if you're in search of perfect Australian gift ideas for the difficult husband/father/partner/guy-friend-who's-not-really-a-friend, we've rounded up 9 Awesome Holiday Gift Guide Ideas He'll Love for 2017'! We even made this video just for you...


9 AWESOME Holiday Gift Guide Ideas He'll Love

In this 2017 holiday gift guide for him, we feature 9 of the best 2017 holiday gift ideas we can find for the discerning man in your life.



This is The Ultimate 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Him. I had to do this for 'her' as well and that was hard because I'm not a woman and I didn't know exactly what a woman might want so I had to poll a lot of ladies.

But I'm a guy and most of the things we have in store I use and love personally so this is actually quite easy for me. Without further adieu, here are The 9 Ultimate Gifts for Him for 2017.

1. Sparkstone Portable Device Charger - $79.95

The Sparkstone is a handy little device. It even looks cool and you can charge this once and then it will charge your device four times before you need to recharge it again. It's an awesome little thing for anybody who owns an iPhone or a device of any sort that uses a USB to get charged.


Shop Sparkstone Portable Device Charger - Benny's Boardroom

Shop Sparkstone Portable Device Charger


2. Bellroy Hide & Seek RFID Wallet - $119.95

Number 2 on our list is the Bellroy Hide & Seek wallet with RFID protection. I've had six Bellroy wallets now. I really enjoy them. The Hide & Seek with RFID protection is a more traditionally styled wallet for Bellroy, but just like all things Bellroy, it's slim. It's functional. It has really everything you could possibly need in a wallet. It's beautiful and again, this has RFID protection. So if you like a little extra security, this will do that for you.

Buy the Hide & Seek Wallet by Bellroy | Benny's Boardroom

Shop Bellroy Hide & Seek RFID Wallet

3. Futures Fins AMT Alpha Twin Fins - $99.95

Number 3 on The Ultimate 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Him: if your man is a surfer and he rides Futures Fins (this is important, he uses Futures Fins in his surfboards, not FCS) then these awesome fins, the Futures AMT Alpha's are a great option.

These are technically a twin but they also come with a middle trailer fin. So he can actually surf these in a lot of different surfboards. They need not only be used in the twin fin. The Alpha range is super light and these are one of the best selling fins that we have right now. Great for twin fins. Great for other boards. If your boy surfs and uses Futures Fins (which he should) get these. He will be impressed with your surfing awareness.


Shop Futures Fins AMT Alpha Twin Fins Online Australia | Benny's Boardroom


Shop Futures Fins AMT Alpha Twin Fins


4. Outerknown Pocket Evolution Board Shorts - $119.95

If the gentleman in your life surfs - or - if he doesn't surf, it matters not, he's going to need some nice board shorts to swim and surf and play in the beautiful salubrious warm water that we get in summer in Sydney.

These board shorts are the Pocket Evolution Trunks by Outerknown. Outerknown is Kelly Slater's brand and Outerknown are one of the most responsible fashion companies on earth. They source their materials responsibly. They have ethical, transparent manufacturing. Their products are fantastic and built to last. They make great, great stuff.

GOOD READ: Our Selection Criteria

These Outerknown Pocket Evolution Trunks - I'm going to Bali next week - I'm bringing a pair of these. They're awesome.


Shop Outerknown Pocket Evolution Trunks Online | Benny's Boardroom


Shop Outerknown Pocket Evolution Board Shorts Online

5. Patagonia Black Hole 25L Backpack - $149.95

Number 5 on our list is the Patagonia Black Hole Pack. This is the 25-liter version and, while there are bigger versions of this, the 25-liter version is probably our most popular backpack and for good reason. 25 litres is a great amount of space to put anything that you'd possibly need for school or work or overnight? Patagonia's Black Hole range is bullet proof. They're water proof. This bag is super functional and it's just the right size. It's awesome.


Shop the Black Hole 25L Backpack by Patagonia Online at Benny's Boardroom


Buy the Black Hole 25L Backpack by Patagonia

6. Patagonia Mens Up & Out Tee Shirt - $59.95

Number 6 on our list today is the Patagonia Up & Out Cotton/Poly T-shirt. Patagonia makes some awesome T-shirts. They're built to last. This has a slim fit whereas if you look at our P6 logo T-shirts, those have a regular fit, but Patagonia makes awesome shirts. I have Patagonia shirts that I've had for 10 years and there's not a thread out of place. They're built to last.


Buy Patagonia Up & Out Tee Shirt - Filter Blue | Benny's Boardroom


Buy Patagonia Mens Up & Out Tee Shirt at Benny's Boardroom

7. The North Face Nuptse Vest - $299.95 (on sale now...)

If it's a little bit chilly or if you just want to look cool, this is the North Face Nuptse Vest. If you live in Melbourne where you've got four seasons in a day routinely, this is an awesome option.

The North Face Nuptse is one of The North Face's most famous jacket ranges. They're awesome technical outerwear, but you know what, you can wear this just about anywhere and still look pretty cool.


Shop The Nuptse Vest by The North Face Online | Benny's Boardroom


Buy The North Face Nuptse Vest Online

8. Bellroy Bags Slim Work Bag - $238.95

Number 8 on our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Gifts for Him. We were filming and I saw this bag and I liked it so much, I took it. This is the Bellroy Slim Work Bag, which is part of Bellroy's awesome new range of bags.

We love Bellroy stuff in general. They make really awesome, minimalist gear. Slim, no excess. I like this bag so much, I took it. It's my work bag now. It has just right amount of space for a laptop plus anything else you might need for a day in the city or a meeting. This is mine. You can't have it, but you can get another one.


Shop Bellroy Bags Slim Work Bag | Benny's Boardroom


Buy the Slim Work Bag by Bellroy Online

9. EPØKHE Non Sunglasses - $219.95

I like Sunnies. I have an enormous amount of Sunnies. My wife tells me constantly that I have too many, but I've got an extra pair now. These are the Epokhe Non Sunglasses. I like sunglasses and these are pretty cool. That's it.


Shop EPOKHE Non Sunglasses | Benny's Boardroom


Buy EPØKHE Non Sunglasses Online



That is our Australia holiday gift guide for him for 2017. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed this 2017 Australian Gift Guide for Him!

Happy hunting,
Benny & Team BB

November 15, 2017 — Benny R
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