Whether you're a business executive who can't escape work or you "just need to check" your Instagram every 5 minutes, chances are you’re mostly glued to your gadgets on a daily basis.

So, if you ever wish you could escape the wired world, you’re in luck!

We're going to show you the 7 greatest cell phone dead zones that will make you forget all about technology.


Advantages of an Unplugged Vacation


Give Your Brain a Rest

Saying you won’t check your phone on vacation is easy. In reality, actually doing that seems next to impossible. When you’re looking to relax completely, the gadgets should stay at home.

Improve Life-Work Balance

The most developed countries in the world consider a good life-work balance imperative to productivity. By taking a vacation without stressing over work, you're actually doing yourself and your boss a favor. You will come back to work feeling rested, focused and creative.

Improve Your Health and Relationships

You might not want to admit this, but staring at your screens when you should be relaxing can have a real, negative affect on your health and relationships. Letting your gadgets go for a while is a great way to reconnect with your loved ones.


7 Cell Phone Dead Zones

Here are our favorite unplugged places in the world. Find out what makes them unique, who you should take with you, and why they qualify as cell phone dead zones.


Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia 

Image from Three Camel Lodge 

Why you’ll love this place: Located in the heart of the Gobi, Three Camel Lodge is not your usual extravagant accommodation. This unique lodge was created to resemble the authentic nomadic life in Mongolia. 

But don't be fooled, Three Camel Lodge is still extremely luxurious. It consists of 40 gers, or traditional Mongolian tents, furnished with hand-crafted furniture, camel-hair blankets, and wool carpets. 

Everything in the lodge is made with sustainability in mind. The gers are powered by the sun and wind, the materials used are grown locally and the water is recycled for irrigation. 

Three Camel Lodge is a real oasis in the dessert.

Image from Three Camel Lodge 

Enjoy local delicacies in the opulent, domed ger, indulge in traditional dance and music performances in the evening, explore the lounge area called the Dino House adorned with Mongolian artifacts, or just stargaze under the desert sky from your own bed.

The lodge brims with free-spirited Nomadic life and provides a genuine escape from reality. Make sure to bring an enduring bag that can carry a week's worth, such as this convenient Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag.

Who you should take with you: Three Camel Lodge is perfect for both couples and families.

The gers with hand-made king beds are ideal for couples seeking a romantic hideaway. The lodge also has a cozy bar, a restaurant featuring local and western food, and professional in-house massage therapists. Trust us, all this makes for a beautiful, quiet couple's getaway.

Two more spacious gers were created with families in mind. These comfortable gers have two bedrooms connected to a private bathroom.

Why it’s a cell phone dead zone: Since Three Camel Lodge was designed with an idea of a total escape from the world, you can forget about technology during your stay. This oasis doesn't have any telephones or cell phone signal, and there is no Internet access.


Turtle Island Resort, Fiji

Image from Turtle Island Resort

Why you’ll love this place: If there's one Fiji resort that could be called the best, it's the Turtle Island Resort. It’s incredibly secluded too – located on a privately owned, 500-acre island that only takes 14 couples at a time.

The resort consists of 14 bures – traditional Fijian villas – created with great care. The bures' positions give each couple enough privacy and, as they like to call it, "your own slice of exotic paradise." 

We couldn't have described it better; Turtle Island Resort truly is a heaven on earth.

The bures are placed along the famous Blue Lagoon. The turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and delightful nature all around are a guarantee for an unforgettable vacation. 

The Resort just adds to all that beauty and perfectly suits the romantic mood of the island. 

But, if your idea of a perfect vacation includes some adrenaline as well, there are numerous activities to fill the time. Try snorkeling or scuba diving and enjoy spectacular underwater views, or go windsurfing, kayaking, sailing or biking to get your blood pumping.

Who you should take with you: You should, without a doubt, bring your SO. No matter if you're planning a proposal, a wedding at the beach, a honeymoon or just a vacation, you and your partner will have an incredible time at this gorgeous resort.

Image from Turtle Island Resort

The Resort creates a perfect setting for romance. Couples can enjoy private beaches, romantic picnics, moonlit dinners, relaxing massages and horseback riding.

Why it’s a cell phone dead zone: The resort is almost entirely powered by solar energy. But they took it one step further and excluded all the technology – there are no TVs, radios, Wi-Fi or phones to the outside world. 

You are free to enjoy the company of your loved one and your little piece of paradise without even thinking about the outside world. 


Lake Placid Lodge, Lake Placid NY

Image from Lake Placid Lodge

Why you’ll love this place:

If you love fall and winter, you'll love Lake Placid Lodge. This luxurious Lodge provides a high-end take on an idyllic winter vacation. Its rustic elegance will make you feel like you've traveled through time to the beginning of the century. 

The Lodge is located on the shores of Lake Placid in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains and tucked inside the awe-inspiring North Woods.

The Lodge features 13 lavish rooms and 17 deluxe cabins with hand-made wooden furnishings, cozy beds and stone fireplaces. 

Aside from the gorgeous location, the breathtaking views of nature, opulent rooms and an old-fashioned atmosphere, you can also expect top-notch service. You will be welcomed with a glass of champagne and treated with excellent care during your whole stay.

Image from Lake Placid Lodge

Although Lake Placid Lodge is made for curling up next to the fireplace, there are plenty of things to complete your winter fairytale, such as skiing, ice skating and snowshoeing. And if you find yourself there during warmer months, you can go hiking, fishing or horseback riding.

Who you should take with you: Lake Placid Lodge is an ideal vacation spot for winter-loving couples.

Rekindle the romance by indulging in candlelit dinners, ice-skating and skiing, or just spend quiet evenings cozying up to the fireplace with a glass of wine. During the warmer months, watch how the Lake comes alive, and enjoy walks through the park, hike in the North Woods, and take boat rides on the Lake.

The Lodge is also a perfect place to celebrate the holidays with their famous Christmas decorations, superb meals, and holiday activities to get you in the spirit. Don't forget to dress warm, and Patagonia Better Sweater Jacket is ideal for any snowy adventures. 

Why it’s a cell phone dead zone: Lake Placid Lodge offers a charming and stress-relieving "Check-in And Check Out Package." If you opt for that, you need to leave all your electronic devices at the front desk until the end of your stay. 

But don't worry, there's plenty of entertainment there. With all the activities that the Lodge provides, and the good company you'll have at your side, who needs gadgets?


Amankora, Bhutan

Image from Amankora

Why you’ll love this place: Staying at Amankora Resort in the Kingdom of Bhutan is more than just a vacation – it's spiritual journey. 

This resort is hidden among the towering, 7,000-meter Himalayan peaks and it's an incredible combination of history, nature, and authentic Bhutanese charm. 

Think of it as a peaceful sanctuary, where it's easy to zone out from the rest of the world and just enjoy the surrounding serenity.

Image from Amankora

Amankora is spread across five equally stunning valleys and five separate lodges to choose from. Wood-paneled interior adorns the lodges while the views from all five lodges are stunning sceneries depicting pine forests, valleys, orchards, mountain tops and endless rice paddies.

Tiger’s Nest, image from Amankora

For a completely enlightening experience, partake in the spiritual excursions through the remote Kingdom of Bhutan. Explore the ancient Buddhist architecture, hike or ride a horse to the Tiger's Nest Monastery or discover Bhutanese fascinating wildlife.

Who you should take with you: The resort is favored by couples in search of an intimate, romantic setting. Romantic dinners by the fire and sensual spa treatments are just a part of the Amankora experience.

But, there are plenty of places around the resort for friends and families to enjoy, and if you're a bit of lone wolf, you will immensely enjoy your moments of solitude along the scenic hiking trails with breathtaking vistas. 

Why it’s a cell phone dead zone: You can imagine the signal you can get at 7,000 meters high– it's almost non-existent. In case you still want to stay in touch with the wired world, there is a limited wi-fi connection. 

But, you just might forget about the world once you step inside this heavenly kingdom. 


Ngala Luxury Lodge, South Africa 

Image from Ngala Luxury Lodge 

Why you’ll love this place: A perfectly balanced combination of adventure and relaxation – that's what a vacation at Kruger National Park in South Africa is. Add the fantastic Ngala Luxury Lodge to the equation, and you will experience unmatched luxury on your authentic African safari. 

Ngala Luxury Lodge is an authentic getaway in every sense of the word. You will enjoy spectacular views as you step into the magical African wilderness – with black and white rhinos, giraffes, elephants, buffalos and other incredible species you won't be able to see anywhere else.

Image from Ngala Luxury Lodge 

The resort itself comprises 20 thatched cottages furnished with the high-end furniture pieces and equipped with all the amenities you can think of. Depending on the suite you choose, you will have your own veranda, private pool, viewing deck and mesmerizing views no matter where you are in the lodge. The attentive and friendly staff will make sure you enjoy every minute of your stay. 

Your days will be filled with adventurous activities, spectacular sights, delicious meals, relaxing massages and intimate moments in your gorgeous suite.

Who you should take with you: Ngala Luxury Lodge is a fantastic choice for an adventurous couple with an unusual taste and a love of luxury. And, if the romance is in full bloom, look no further for an excellent honeymoon destination. 

Image from Ngala Luxury Lodge 

Or, if the honeymoon is long gone, why not bring the whole family? The Lodge welcomes children of all ages and provides discounts and nannies for the little ones. Children older than 6 can join you on game drives and nature walks. 

Why it’s a cell phone dead zone: You can try bringing your gadgets to Ngala Luxury Resort, but it will be in vain. There's no mobile or Internet signal, so you can completely detach yourself from the wired world and just enjoy the nature, the luxury and the incredible experience of the African safari. 

But, if you have to have at least one cool gadget with you, we suggest taking something that will never fail you in the wilderness, like the Tsovet Watch.


Isle Royale, Michigan

Image from National Park Service

Why you’ll love this place: This unplugged vacation is a little bit different from the others on the list. 

We're not going to give you a specific lodge or a hotel to stay at. We're sending you on a sailing trip. 

Lake Superior is ideal for a scenic voyage that will help you forget about the world and just go where the winds take you. 

You will be amazed by the deep blue waters of Lake Superior and the impossibly beautiful sunsets over the lavender-colored sky. But, don't forget to hop off your boat and check out the fabled Isle Royale National Park.

This national park is quite different than all others. It's so hypnotic that visitors tend to stay for 3.5 days on average (as opposed to other national park visits lasting 4 hours). 

You will feel closer to nature than ever, sharing the hiking trails with moose and wolves. Afterwards, you can hop back on your boat, and enjoy cozy evenings overlooking the steep hills plunging into the calm water of the lake. 

Who you should take with you: There’s something about sailing that evokes the image solitude. But it doesn't have to be a negative image – a voyage like this is a remarkable opportunity for reconnecting with nature and enjoying a few days of peace and quiet far from the hectic world. 

Image from Canoe & Kayak 

If sailing doesn't evoke the same images in your head, feel free to take your partner or friends with you and enjoy wonderful nature and peaceful moments in great company. 

While you're exploring the national park, bring a reliable backpack like this stylish Herschel Little America Backpack.  

Why it’s a cell phone dead zone: As you may expect, the mobile service on the Lake and in the National Park is spotty, and you can forget about the Internet. 

And while you're sailing, it might be a little tricky to find charging outlets for your devices. Warm recommendation: just relax and let go of technology for a few days, and you’ll return home reborn.


Ultima Thule Lodge, Alaska 

Image from Ultima Thule Lodge

Why you’ll love this place: Get ready for the ultimate hideaway deep in the Alaskan Wrangell Mountains. This remote Lodge is a luxurious take on a timeless idea. 

The wooden cabin is tucked away in the snow, 100 miles from the nearest road – it's just you and nature, and a whole lot of friendly, smiling faces. 

The Lodge consists of the main lodge at the top of the hill with the dining room overlooking the Chitina River and the mountains and five private cabins. The cabins are made from local timber, carefully designed and decorated with hand-crafted pieces.

Everything inside was furnished with exceptional attention to detail. Every cabin has top-quality, vintage furniture that will make you feel like home.

But, Ultima Thule Lodge is more than luxurious accommodation and a secluded haven. What makes it so unique is the location that's simply bursting with life.

Image from Ultima Thule Lodge 

And it's the unique flight safari that makes a vacation in this Alaskan retreat unlike anything else on the planet. The flight safari is part of the experience, and it's free of charge for the guests of the Lodge.

Who you should take with you: Ultima Thule Lodge is a great choice for a quiet family vacation for those that are eager to explore the nature and not afraid to go where the road takes them. Each wilderness tour is different and you may end up walking on a trail no one has walked before.

The couples will have an amazing time as well. There can only be 12 guests at the Lodge at a time, meaning you’ll always have maximum privacy and comfort. To secure your travel documents on this and any other unpredictable adventure, make sure to bring the perfect travel companion, Bellroy Passport Sleeve.

Why it’s a cell phone dead zone: You couldn’t stress about work at Ultima Thule Lodge even if you wanted to. Not only will the breathtaking nature quickly make you forget about tasks and deadlines, but there is also no cell phone service. 

The Lodge makes its own electricity. They have Internet connection but it's extremely slow, there is no Wi-Fi, and there's only one available computer. Enjoying your time without technology sounds like a much better idea, doesn't it? 


In the world overwhelmed with technology, there are still places to escape the reality enjoy a carefree vacation. We don't know about you, but these 7 astonishing destinations have inspired us to pack our bags, leave our phones and forget about our worries.

But, if you decide to visit one of these places, be careful – you might not want to come back.


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