The Haunted House of House (Orange Vinyl Repress) - Session Victim


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Deep House, Downtempo

Rammed full with Session Victim classics, it's weathered the last ten years rather well. Containing well constructed arrangements that burst with musicality and a phosphorescent glow; compared to a lot of the slo-mo edits and beatdown house from around 2012 these well mixed and mastered jams still cut it in the club. All hitter, no shitter - a real masterpiece of the genre.



A1: The Haunted House
A2: Alpine Glow
B1: Dark Sienna
B2: Flying Visit
C1: Cow Palace
C2: Bison
D1: Push Comes To Shove
D2: F.I.N.E.
E1: Zoinks
E2: Good Intentions (Album Mix)
F1: Light Scent Of Decay