The Best of Cerrone - Cerrone


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Post-Disco, Euro Disco

If you can get past the tacky, retina-bending cover, you might just discover the dark master of Euro disco - Cerrone, the legendary, French King of Disco, is up there with Moroder as one of the all-time most influential European disco producers. All Cerrone’s greatest hits from 1976.



A1: Supernature (Edit)
A2: Cerrone's Paradise (Edit)
A3: Look For Love (Edit)
A4: Love Is Here
A5: Je Suis Music (Edit)
B1: Give Me Love (Edit)
B2: Freak Connection (Edit)
B3: Music Of Life (Edit)
B4: 2nd Chance
B5: The Impact (Edit)
C1: Love In 'C' Minor (Edit)
C2: You Are The One (Edit)
C3: Midnite Lady (Edit)
C4: Hooked On You
D1: Therapy
D2: Rocket In The Pocket (Edit)
D3: Bodytalk
D4: Got To Have Lovin' (Edit)
D5: Club Underworld (Edit)