Rusty Surfboards Happy Shovel


Fin System

Rusty's small wave speed demon, the Rusty Surfboards Happy Shovel is not some funky, fat groveler. High surface area combined with a flatter rocker, performance rails and relatively low volume through the foil make the Happy Shovel paddle and plane like a much fatter board yet it can be thrown around with precision. The small wave possibilities are endless. Signature spray and carbon tail patches included on all Rusty Surfboards Happy Shovels!

  • Low volume, high surface area small wave weapon
  • Double barrel concave and shortboard rails make the ride lively and responsive
  • Flat rocker and wide outline paddles and planes with ease
  • Standard 5 fin option for versatility
  • Free carbon tail patches and signature spray included!
  • Boards to not come with fins
  • Avg. manufacturing time for Rusty Surfboards customs ~4-5 weeks (excl. shipping)

Small, weak, flatter faced waves from knee to shoulder high.