Movements (2021 Reissue) - Bookashade


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Electro, Tech House

Twists and turns that tease and excite, drawing you further in, eagerly anticipating their next movement. A wonderfully rounded package, eminently suitable for home listening yet loaded with tracks that are begging to be played out at the club. To have achieved both ends is an incredible feat, and in doing so Booka Shade have not only released one of the best albums of 2006, they may very well have crafted a classic.


A1: Night Falls
A2: Body Language (Interpretation)
A3: Paper Moon
B1: The Birds And The Beats / At The Window
B2: Darko
B3: Pong Pang
C1: Mandarine Girl
C2: Take A Ride
C3: Wasting Time
D1: In White Rooms
D2: Hallelujah USA
D3: Lost High