Misfit Surfboards Nu Wavr


Fin System
Spray Option

A bad mofo of a modernised single fin multi setup, the Misfit Surfboards Nu Wavr is straight from the Mad Minds of Misfit Surfboards. Reminiscent of the classic single fin era but with a modern touch, the Misfit Surfboards Nu Wavr starts with a wider nose, carries through to a wide point forward and flows through to a tight pin tail. The smooth, clean outline provides the rider with a flowing ride and the ability to draw crisp, effortless lines on the wave face.

Drawing inspiration from classic pintail vee bottom single fins, modern tweaks make this board incredibly user friendly. Notably, the fin setup allows for quad, 2 + 1, single fin and thruster configurations to suit your mood or the wave you're looking to ride on that day.

Everything you dream about in a retrospective board - the glide and flow of a classic single fin, the speed and grace of a progressive shortboard - the Misfit Surfboards Nu Wavr loves to turn and can be pushed hard. Whether it's in a shorter package for barrels and your local punchy beach break or longer for Mexico / Australia point breaks & Indo reefs, the Nu Wavr is an exciting option that must be ridden to be believed.

Spray not included. To order custom artwork:

  1. Select the spray option (addn'l $45)
  2. Pick your favourite artwork from the spray guide
  3. Let us know which spray you would like in the special instructions box during checkout (don't worry, we will confirm the spray choice with you!)
  1. Classic vee bottom pintail single fin design, revamped for the modern era
  2. Fin configuration allows the Misfit Surfboards Nu Wavr to be ridding as a quad, 2 + 1, single fin or thruster configurations to suit your mood
  3. Smooth outline with wider nose, wider point and tight tail
  4. Subtle rolled vee entry bottom contours to slight double concave and vee out of the tail for graceful rail to rail transitions, highline pumps and drivey bottom turns
  5. Slight beaks in the nose and tail to add a touch of extra volume and then medium to low rails throughout
  6. Relatively flat, continuous rocker for speed and paddle prowess
  7. Fins not included
  8. Avg. Misfit Surfboards manufacturing time ~4 weeks

  9. What are you in the mood for? Order the Misfit Surfboards slightly shorter for punchy, local beach break barrels or longer for classic Aussie / Mexico point breaks and Indonesia reef breaks.