JR Surfboards Voodoo


Fin System

A magical modern performance fish / performance hybrid shortboard, the JR Surfboards Voodoo is a great, versatile option for average, small to medium sized waves. Fast, lively and manoeuvrable, the JR Surfboards Voodoo excels in the average conditions that most of us surf most of the time.

Yet, this board can be pushed when the waves are steeper and more critical. A great all rounder for average, everyday conditions!

  • Relatively flat rocker throughout with a touch of tail rocker - ideal for summer / small waves sessions!
  • Designed to paddle well, catch waves easily and generate a lot of speed
  • Very cool rounded diamond tail or "coffin tail," which is unique to the Voodoo model
  • Single concave bottom contour up front flows through to a deep single double at the fins and then a slight vee off the tail
  • Overall, a smooth, fluid ride and all of the speed you can handle in small to medium size, average conditions

  • Best for cruising on a flatter wave face from waist high to overhead waves! Yet, the tight, refined diamond tail gets down to business when you need it to.