James° - The Ellis - Multi Tool - Black / Black / G10 / Serrated

$189.05 $199.00


Black on black: you want The Ellis from The James Brand.

Look at it. Fall in love. Or lust. But fall, you surely will.

Absolute precision snippers accompany this luscious blade. Serrated, and straight in one hit means you can swing both ways with absolute confidence. Equally at home snipping a 3 metre flathead off as it is whittling a 4-poster bed: the Ellis is a workhorse that just happens to slide into your pocket when you're off the saddle. 

That little bit at the back doesn't just look great: it's the TJB All-Things Pry: turn some screws with it, pry out some nails, scrape some stickers, push it into you twin brother's pinky finger nail to simultaneously hurt and annoy him - it truly does "All Things".

This little beast of a multi-tool measures 16.5cm when fully extended, the slip joint has that solid James Brand feel. You know you want it: and it's attainable! Let the suckers play with generic knives from Anaconda, you got your James Brand from Outer Bound: you're onto a good thing.

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