James° - The Carter XL- Black / Stainless / G10 /Straight Knife

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VG10 Japanese stainless steel - do you even know what that is? It's hard, it's tough, and it's beautiful. If you Google it, you can sound 'really into knives' when you show this bad boy off to your friends. Probably about 0.00025% of the population get a knife like this in their lifetime. It's a heavy duty pocket knife.

When The Carter yells for help, The Carter XL comes running to scoop him up in robust, hairy, thick forearms. Caring, loving, dad-like.

15grams heftier than The Carter and with a 15mm longer blade: it's 20cm long when open and ready for action. 

You've probably been flicking back and forth between The Carter and The Carter XL: it might be your tenth time reading this. You buy this knife once in a lifetime: The Carter XL is the one. Trust us. We're an e-commerce retailer: we'd never mislead you! 

But seriously, once you feel the hefty slide lock on this thing, you'll know you made the right choice. Buy it today, or forever feel the twinge of irrefutable, deep-set (but confusing) regret in that daily instant between awake and asleep.