Italo Funk Vol. 2 - Various


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Compilation, World, Italo Disco, Deep House, Funk, Balearic

The Italo Funk compilation series returns with its highly anticipated second volume - it takes listeners on a journey through Italy, showcasing the country's rich history with funk and soul music. From deep house flavors of Turin to bucolic jams of Puglia, Detroit-inspired beats with an 80s Italo touch, and jazz flute serenades from Reggio Emilia, the album features a diverse range of artists and styles. A fitting tribute to Claudio Coccoluto's legacy and Italy's musical pioneers.


A1: Stump Valley - Venaria
A2: Rollover DJs - Bounasera
B1: Coccoluto - Go Goblin
B2: Funk Rimini - King Of Style
B3: Lele Sacchi - Slow Down Rock
C1: Rocco Universal - Somewhere Else
C2: Roccapofortuna - Potage
C3: Brioski - Bionic Breaks
D1: Capofortuna - Dopo La Tempesta
D2: DJ Rocca - Don’t Be Worried