The Whistle Song - Frankie Knuckles

By Virgin

Chicago House, Deep House

You’d be hard pressed to find a more uplifting and iconic song than this Frankie Knuckles masterpiece - a tribute to the practice of clubbers blowing whistles to indicate their approval of a particular track. Four minutes of feathery tootling flute solos, jazzy vibes and of course…THAT WHISTLE! And if four minutes isn't enough flute for you, there's a seven minute version as well. That oughta be enough!


A1: The Whistle Song (Paul Shapiro Reigns Supreme 12" Mix)
A2: The Whistle Song (EK 12" Mix)
B1: The Whistle Song (Sound Factory 12 Inch Mix)
B2: The Whistle Song (Paul Shapiro Supreme 7" Mix)