CZ-5000 Sounds and Sequences Vol. II - Satoshi & Makoto


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Ambient, Experimental, Synth

Creamed silicon strokes from Japanese synth fondlers Satoshi & Makoto, coaxing melodic chatter from their 1985-vintage CZ-5000 model for Young Marco’s label - Making the most of minimal means, the duo’s 2nd volume of ’CZ-5000 Sounds & Sequences’ is ripened for solitary home listening and autumnal strolls with some of the label’s quietest, humblest gems full of nostalgia for future's past.


A1: Closer
A2: Crawl Up
A3: Corendor
A4: Reconstruction
A5: A Postcard In Summer
B1: Pourquoi
B2: Dive Into Olive Oil
B3: Updraft
B4: Kaas
B5: Silence