Deejo - Pocket Knife - Mirror Light Tortoise 37g

$63.71 $84.95
By Deejo

Featherlight, supremely balanced, obscenely elegant. Deejo knives are built beautifully, and to last: they immediately make you think 'family heirloom'. This model has a stunning matte finish on the blade itself, with a minimalist aesthetic and smooth one-handed locking mechanism and operation.

But don't be fooled - these sophisticated carry pieces are also practical, solid pieces of engineering to be used and abused over and over again. At only 37g total weight you still get a tough, sharp 95mm blade. But with a thickness of less than 1cm and a closed length of 11cm, it's very nearly the perfect accessory for every outdoor adventure, with the light peppery smell of finely veined, carved juniper wood forever reminding you what a good decision you made purchasing one of these.

We waited too long just admiring these without actually owning one - don't make the same mistake.