BUFF - Face Mask Filter Replacement

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By Buff

Product Description

Mask with BUFF® Filter: All over the world, masks have become an essential accessory for everyday activities like shopping, using public transport or going for a run. The BUFF® Filter Mask features a replaceable 3-layer filter system in a washable mask design made from CoolNet UV + ® fabric. Reliable and comfortable, these filters offer a filtration rate of 98%. Made by HeiQ V-Block - The HeiQ V-Block fabric technology protects the inner fabric pocket of the BUFF® Filter Mask from germs and germs. It contains a biocide * based on recycled silver salts. Active ingredient: Reaction product of titanium dioxide and silver chloride. Antimicrobial properties incorporated to protect the inner fabric pocket of this Mask. The Mask does not protect its users or others from pathogens. Always wash this mask thoroughly after each use. Unique size. Designed for adults.


Season: All Year-round
Recommended age: Adult
Care instructions: Machine Wash: Up to 60°C 30 mins max.
Measures (Wide x Long x High): 22.5X15.5

No returns are accepted on this face mask unless product is deemed faulty due to health and safety requirements.


  • Adjustable fit: Back of head and neck adjustable straps for a perfect fit.
  • All-day comfort: lightweight, breathable, ergonomic design avoiding ear pressure.
  • HeiQ V-Block* antimicrobial fabric treatment applied to inside pocket
  • Comes with 5 replacement filters. Non-reusable, can last up to 24 hours. Usage time depends on the use and environment.
  • Reusable mask featuring 98% bacterial filtration efficency. Filters meet surgical mask standards.
  • Filters included! Each mask comes with five replacement filters.
  • Enjoy comfort in style