Baladeo - Kids Pocket Knife

$25.14 $41.90
By Baladeo

Are you thinking 'That knife is way too epic to give to a kid'? We thought the same, but this piece of hardware is a legitimate training tool for kids looking to fall in love with outdoor adventure. Specifically designed for getting kids used to handling a (not-so-sharp) blade, the Papagayo Kid is designed purely for kids (but it feels so great and is so practical you'll probably end up using it, too.

It has a rounded tip to avoid accidents, and a super-simple blade locking system (that big red button) for safety. Ergonomically crafted for utility with small hands, the red cord makes it harder to drop near the campfire or leave at the campsite.

Inside the box, you receive a 'knife license' certificate. Teach the supplied knife safety to the youngster. and then when everyone is comfortable, they'll sign it. A worthwhile investment on several levels. of course every child (and parent) is unique, but recommended for 12 years and up.