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Good is in the details

We’ve learned to discern, carefully curating a collection of essentials united by one thing: they’re good in every way that matters.

We know you want to choose well: for you, the planet and the people making what you buy. So if it doesn’t stack up, it doesn’t get stocked. 


Here’s how good gets graded at Outerbound.


We hold ourselves to the following five values wherever possible. They apply both to what we source and sell and how we run the business.


1. Things that last.

We’re old-fashioned enough to think products should last long enough to become, well, old-fashioned. People rely on us for quality they can count on.


Things That Last | Benny's Boardroom 


2. Fair for all.

Those who actually do the work to make a product must be paid fairly and their community improved, not trashed. We favour small, artisanal, or community producers over faceless multinationals.


Fair For All | Benny's Boardroom


3. Awesomeness!

We scour the earth for the best. We hunt down originals, old and new. Bright ideas that make you think: ‘Damn, that’s cool’ as they improve your life every day you own and use them.


Awesomeness! | Benny's Boardroom


4. Sustainable.

This is a biggie: Whatever it is, it must be made from sustainable stuff there’s plenty of, recycled material or material that can be recycled.


Sustainable | Benny's Boardroom


5. Ethically produced animal products.

We do our utmost to only source leather, wool and other animal products from countries and producers with strict ethical production standards. Constant improvement is our goal.


Animal Friendly | Benny's Boardroom



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