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WAW Handplanes | WAW Hand Planes Online - Benny's Boardroom


WAW Handplanes are created for bodysurfing and handmade in Australia.

WAW (for Wave After Wave) Signature Handplanes have been tried and tested by the best and most excited bodysurfers on the planet.

The results of extensive field testing and shape perfecting, WAW Handplanes has two signature styles, the FISH & MOONTAIL. Each shape is suited to a particular style of bodysurfing.

For bodysurfing in smaller, more user friendly waves with the thrill of a long ride, we recommend the MOONTAIL styles. If you prefer the challenge of bodysurfing steep beach breaks and fast barrels, consider the FISH styles.


WAW (wave after wave) Handplanes is a surf brand that is committed to giving back.

WAW Handplanes is committed to sustainability through the materials used and also through their One Handplane One Tree promise. WAW Handplanes also believe in providing you with a product that is purpose built to last, which is why all WAW Handplanes come with a signature WAWRRIORS Warranty.