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Stacey Surfboards are inspired by surfing, surfboards and the people that ride them. Lee Stacey, a South Australia native, has perfected the art of surfboard shaping after years of dedication.

Influenced by the best names in the industry and shaper for some of the best surfers on the planet (Mitch Crews, Freddy Patacchia, Sebastien Zietz, Jesse Adam & Bear Cummings to name a few...).

What sets Lee and Liam of Stacey Surfboards apart, however, is their ability to read and understand the surfing needs of mere mortals. For pros and regular, everyday surfers alike, Stacey Surfboards boards perform.

Featuring exciting small wave performance hybrids like the Stacey Surfboards Flathead, every mans average wave all rounders like the Stacey 5150, forgiving performance shortboards like the 6505, you can't go wrong with a board by Stacey Surfboards.