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Meet our newest ambassador, Murray Fraser of Sprout daily. This is Sprout Daily x Outerbound.

"I always remember being enchanted by the experience of surfing. It’s not something that’s done, it’s experienced and to me, surfing and photography are one and the same. Subtle interactions and observations with the elements in an endless pursuit of those fleeting moments of focus. Catch a wave; capture a moment; the experience is the same.

Photography has given me a frame in which to focus tightly on that experience of being in the ocean. Nothing I’ve experienced is as immersive as the time I spend in the ocean. Out of the water my mind wanders, my focus is short-lived, i’m hungry for stimulation, but in the water...

For over 10 years I’ve been shooting sunrises, surf and all the goings on of dawn life in one of Sydney’s most popular beaches, Manly. I moved to Sydney in the early 2000’s and straight away it felt like home. My grandfather lived here before the war so perhaps there’s a DNA connection with the place. Sprout Daily has been a been a daily disciple for me and a common thread for a community of people that love the ocean, surfing and Manly Beach. I love waking up each morning and seeing how that dawn will unfold. It’s beautiful and with all the elements that go into the transition from night to day it's unpredictable and I think that’s why it’s so addictive.

I love surfing. To me each surf is like a beautiful puzzle to solve - which board should I ride? How do I get the most out of what’s on offer? how can I do a better turn, go fast, of further on the wave? Sometime you solve puzzle; sometimes you just pick up all the pieces and throw them in the air!"

Discover Murray's curated favourite selection of 

Outerbound products as well as some of his amazing, original artwork below.