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One of the world's most iconic modern surfboard brands, Rusty Surfboards has been a powerful force in the surfing world since 1985 when Rusty Preisendorfer officially setup shop in San Diego, California.

Considered one of the best surfboard shapers of all time, Rusty originally began shaping boards at 16 years of age in a 'factory' (his neighbor's chicken coop) in La Jolla, CA. Refining his craft at San Diego surfboard manufacturing staples Gordon & Smith Surfboards and later Canyon Surfboards, he earned his surfboard shaping stripes after making boards for 1976 world champion Peter Townend and 1978 world champion Shaun Tomson not to mention Rabbit Bartholomew.

Ironically, it was the clean looking thruster Rusty shaped for Mark Occhilupo of Australia that would boost Rusty Surfboards to stardom. Occy's electrifying performance as a sixteen year old world professional surfing tour rookie blew the rest of the field away.  

Staying true to their shaping roots of creating clean, simple, effective surfboard designs, Rusty was quoted saying:

"I'm not interested in coming up with the next major breakthrough in surfboard design. Trying to be consistent is what's most important."

To compliment this legacy of industry leadership in surfboard design and innovation, Rusty Surfboards enlisted Adrian 'Aido' Wheeler, a talented shaper and surfboard manufacturer with over fifteen years of experience, to run Rusty Surfboards Australia's state of the art production factory, office and showroom.

Under Aido's watchful eye, Rusty Surfboards Australia produces exciting competition focused high performance shortboards such as Josh Kerr's signature Yes Thanks and Kerrosover models, Noa Deane's signature free surfing performance dynamo, the Sista Brotha, and the uber performance hybrids, the Magic Door and Magic Thumb models. Just want to have a bit of fun on those small, flatter faced days, the Rusty Surfboards Happy Shovel is a small wave wonder without limits.

Grab a piece of surfing's rich heritage and Shop Rusty Surfboards today.