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What are we wearing and where is it coming from? Outerknown was founded out a the belief that better products are built when every design and manufacturing decision is made with the highest regard for the environment.

Founded by legendary surfer, Kelly Slater, and acclaimed designer, John Moore, Outerknown may be the world's first fully sustainable end-to-end clothing manufacturer.

From turning tens of thousands of tons of abandoned fishing net waste polluting our oceans into upcycled nylon for use in jackets and Outerknown board shorts to developing a revolutionary form of waterproofing that is fluorocarbon free, Outerknown's commitment to sustainable production is unwavering.

Is the Outerknown Journey a more difficult one because of this? Absolutely. But the commitment Outerknown have made to sustainability is without compromise.

By choosing to buy from responsible brands like Outerknown today, you are making a powerful statement about your own values, and contributing to a better tomorrow.

Discover our curated range of Outerknown board shorts, tee shirts, jackets and more online at  Outerbound