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Hayden Cox of Haydenshapes Surfboards continues to make his mark on the surfboard manufacturing industry.

Combining a passion for creating unique, innovative surfboard designs with a desire to leverage technology to propel an industry forward.

One needs only to look at the myriad of Hypto Krypto wannabes now on the market to see that Hayden instinctively creates trends for others to follow. When pushing the design envelope, it doesn't hurt having two of the world's most exciting and progressive surfers - Creed McTaggart and Craig Anderson - on his team to provide a constant feedback loop. 

With designs like the universally beloved, now ubiquitous Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto, the accessible Haydenshapes Cannon single fin - a modernised take on an old school single fin design - the cult classic Haydenshapes Psychedelic Germ, which still performs like nothing else in smaller surf, Hayden has proven he can shape for professional and regular, everyday surfers alike. Lest we forget the two über fun small wave models, the Haydenshapes Merlot (skatey punter) and Creed McTaggart's signature Haydenshapes Love Buzz, which is one of the most dynamic small wave performance hybrids on the market.

It's no wonder Haydenshapes Surfboards has risen into the spotlight. And with two SIMA 'Surfboard of the Year' titles for the ubiquitous Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto model, Hayden has clearly established himself and Haydenshapes Surfboards as a major player in the surfboard manufacturing industry.