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Gary McNeill Concepts | Gary McNeill Surfboards Online - Benny's Boardroom

If it is cosmic surf craft you seek, Gary McNeill Concepts will enlighten even the most discerning surfer.

Gary McNeill shapes to the beat of a different drum and his immaculate shapes reflect the psyche of a deep thinker who finds great solace in the art of shaping and riding surfboards.

The long-time shaper for renowned team rider and free surfer, Dave Rastovich, Gary McNeill Surfboards are at once extremely high performance and also several degrees different and better from mainstream (not unlike Rasta's incredible surfing style). 

With a keen eye for detail, all of Gary McNeill Concepts surfboards are inventive, functional and an absolute joy to ride.

Expand and challenge your surfing with an incredible cosmic craft by Gary McNeill Concepts.