The holidays are approaching and we can't wait to set sail and make the most of the season. We hope you already have an adventure planned, but don't fret if you don't. We're here to help you plan a memorable romantic adventure for you and your SO.  

It doesn't matter if you're planning a Christmas trip or you're just getting ready for your next vacation. Every season is great for an adventure. 

Here's Benny’s Boardroom’s guide to a carefree vacation that will ensure you have a completely relaxed time with your loved one. And you'll get some awesome ideas for exciting holiday destinations too! 


The Guide To A Carefree Vacation

The key to having a carefree vacation is in planning and preparation. Once you have everything planned, enjoying your vacation without stressing over every little detail is going to be much easier. Here are some tips that will help you nail down the planning phase.


Choose a Place You Both Like  

As the first step toward your adventure, discuss the activities you want to do on your vacation. Do you want to have an active vacation filled with adrenaline-pumping activities like skiing, swimming or trekking? Or do you want to have a quiet, peaceful time reading or relaxing at the beach? Are you more of an outdoorsy person and want to fill out every minute of your time there? Or does a spa with soothing massages and pampering service appeal to you more?

Here's what you should do: List all the activities that are an absolute must for you. What are a couple of things you can't imagine your vacation without? Once you've made the list, look for places that fit and combine both your wishes.

For example, if you want to spend more time reading and your partner loves hiking, find a mountain lodge or opt for a camping trip in nature. If you love sightseeing and your partner prefers relaxing, booking a room in a spa center in Florence will meet both your needs and your partner's, and will have you cherishing the moments you spend together even more.  


Take Your Time To Find Accommodation and Flights

The sooner you start planning, the better the chances you will find something amazing at a good price. There are several tricks for snatching the best flight and accommodation deals and spending much less on your trip than you originally thought you would. 

Firstly, be one step ahead of the flight booking websites that are trying to scare you into booking by raising the prices. You see, these websites can track what you're browsing for and then raise the prices next time you visit. So, make sure to use incognito mode in your browser when you want to book the tickets.

You can also use a variety of websites that can help you decide which days are the cheapest for flying to the destination you chose. Following airlines on social networks is also a great idea because they often have special deals and offer discounts to their followers.

When it comes to the accommodation, there are several ways you can save money and find incredible deals. 

The ideal scenario is finding a friend or an acquaintance who can help you with your search. Even if they don't have a place for you to stay in, they certainly know the best and cheapest accommodation options in the area.

Alternatively, you will have to make do with your own research. But before you resort to overpriced hotels, you can try to find an apartment for you two by taking advantage of websites such as Airbnb or CouchSurfing. Other cheaper options are youth hostels or even camping if you're feeling especially adventurous.

But even if you're into more extravagant options, you can use various tricks to save up. Opt for loyalty programs at booking websites or hotels. That way you can get special deals, track if the prices are dropping or rising and score sweet upgrades. 


Do Your Research

Get online and find out everything you can about the destination. The places worth visiting, tips for getting around, but also get all the useful information you can regarding the trip itself and the hotel.

Social networks can help you with this part. Try to find some locals willing to talk to you and help you. There are plenty of good-natured souls out there who will eagerly share some useful tips and give you recommendations for anything from getting around, to great restaurants, smart hacks for painless sightseeing if you're traveling to a crowded, touristy place or some suggestions for lesser-known places to visit and things to see.

You can also find some pretty cool blogs about the destination you're planning to visit. These are often written by the locals and their insights can be really valuable to travelers.

Of course, you need to check the technical details before you go as well. Find out the weather conditions that you can expect so you know what to pack and how to dress while you're there. The currency exchange rate is another essential thing to check so you don't encounter any unpleasant surprises and fall short with your budget. And don't forget to find and note any emergency numbers in the country you're visiting just in case.


Make an Itinerary

For a successful vacation, you two need to be on the same page. That's where an itinerary comes in handy.

Arriving without a clear plan can lead to serious trouble, especially if you have a bunch of things you want to do. The safest bet is to make a schedule and write down all the activities you and your partner want to do while on vacation.

Start with the essentials. Check the airline tickets, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations and car rentals. Next, make sure to include the time you'll spend traveling, getting from one point to another - especially if you're visiting more cities during your trip. Don't forget to set aside enough time for sleep and be realistic as to how much you'll be able to be on the move.

Remember your initial list when you two discussed the destinations you wanted to visit and the activities you thought your vacation absolutely must include. Do the things you both want together and make sure to give each other space to do the things you want to do separately. But do these activities at the same time so you can spend the rest of the time together. So, while you're taking a hike, your partner can get a massage, or while you're sightseeing, your partner can take a swim. 

Be careful not to make a to-do list out of your trip, though. Allow yourself some time to unwind and just relax without feeling the need to fill out every minute of your trip with activities, and leave space for spontaneity, too.

The last day of your trip is perfect for being spontaneous. Explore the city, do something you haven't had the chance to do, go shopping or try something exciting you haven't even planned.


Plan Romantic Details

Make sure to include romantic details in your itinerary. Treat yourselves to a couple's massage, a romantic dinner for two, or a quiet evening at the beach. After all, a vacation is the best time for you two to bond and get closer.

But these activities for just the two of you don't have to be romantic in the classic sense of the word. Even if you and your partner are not fans of romance, you can still find something that you'll enjoy.

If you're visiting a place you've already been to, you can recreate some precious memory from the first time you've been there. Maybe it's a kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower or the first time you tried sushi in Tokyo.

If you're visiting the destination for the first time, you can do some research and surprise your partner with something you know they would like. Find a hidden beach where you can enjoy each other's company without distractions, a blooming park for a romantic picnic, or a hiking trail they would love to explore. The activity doesn't have to be cheesy, it's important that you enjoy it.


Make Packing A ‘Together’ Activity

As with everything else related to planning your adventure, pack as a team. 

Firstly, decide how much luggage you will need. Agree on a reasonable amount of luggage for the time you're going to spend there. Also, consider the type of trip you're going on. Will you be able to drag your suitcase around or will you need a carry-on bag? Being comfortable during your trip is super important and significantly reduces stress.


Organize your things so you don't have to rearrange your whole suitcase every time you need something. Separate your different items of clothing and don’t forget to pack a toiletry bag. 

When it comes to the most important things to pack, two heads are always better than one. If one of you forgets something, the other will remember. Here's what you can do to ensure you have everything you need. Both of you should make a list of all the essential items and compare. That way you will see if you omitted something, but you will also be able to realize whether something is not so crucial to pack.

In order to make sure you have everything you need on you, it's a good idea to take one bag you can easily carry even if your car breaks down. Herschel Novel Duffle is an awesome choice that you can use to place both your and your partner's essentials in.


Don't Forget to Indulge Yourselves

Sometimes vacations can become too hectic, especially if we forget that their purpose is to help us rest, recharge our batteries, experience something new and enjoy good company. Sure, you can treat yourselves to a massage, exotic meals in expensive restaurants or luxurious resorts. But, that's not all we mean by indulging yourselves.

Vacations should be all about enjoying life's pleasures, but even if you're just going camping there's still room for pampering. We suggest the Triumph And Disaster On The Road travel kit of grooming essentials for men, if you want to stay fresh and nurtured no matter where you are and how little time you have.


Destinations for a Perfect Romantic Adventure

All done packing? Good. Now it's time to embark on the adventure.

We've compiled a list of unusual romantic destinations that would be perfect for your next vacation. And since every couple is different and has different priorities when traveling, we've divided our destinations into three categories: destinations for hopeless romantics, adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies.


Hopeless Romantics


Vatulele Island Resort, Fiji - In case you were wondering whether paradise on Earth exists – well, it does! And it's called Vatulele Island Resort in Fiji. This exclusive resort is a fantastic wedding and honeymoon destination and everything about it emanates romance.

If you're a fan of luxurious vacations, Vatulele will blow you away. The resort provides spacious accommodation with the finest amenities in the rooms. Enjoy your secluded moments in private beach huts and salt-water pools and if that's not romantic enough for you, the staff will organize a picnic on a deserted island just for you and your loved one. 

Nha Trang, Vietnam - Nha Trang effortlessly embodies everything that you might want from a romantic vacation. It's an ideal combination of mountain and sea, serenity and energy. Six Senses Hideaway resort will make you forget all about the outside world and just focus on each other.

Each room is carefully crafted into a personal haven overlooking the rocks and the turquoise sea. Spa treatments and massages are a part of the whole experience, and if you get tired of all the relaxing and pampering, you can always plunge into your private pool, snorkel, take a cruise or just explore the city. 

Jade Mountain, St. Lucia - Jade Mountain resort claims they celebrate love and life, and we absolutely agree. Their rooms are called sanctuaries and with a good reason. The unique architecture and design with the open fourth wall and a private infinity pool in each sanctuary allows for complete privacy while giving a gorgeous view of the iconic Pitons and the Caribbean Sea.

Immerse yourself in the nature and enjoy breathtaking vistas, but also relish in superb comfort. Just to add a little extra to the exceptional experience, you will have a personal butler at your service at all times.


Adventure Seekers


New Mexico Road Trip - For the couples that thrive on adventure and can't imagine staying in one place during their vacation, there's nothing better than an unusual road trip. And New Mexico is made for exciting road trips, with stunning landscapes all around and charming pit stops to refuel your tank and recharge your batteries. 

If you decide to tame the open highway in New Mexico, there are several wonderful stops you have to make. The historic city of Santa Fe will seduce you with its artistic atmosphere, the Aztec Ruins are a sight you can't miss, and if you're into sci-fi, you can observe the heavens in Roswell UFO Museum.

Kauai Hiking Trip - When you hear Hawaii, what's the first thing that comes to mind? It's probably some exclusive, luxurious resort, cocktails at the beach and observing the nature - from afar. That's not what we had in mind this time. 

Kauai is a lesser-known Hawaiian island, perfect for actually exploring all the wonderful nature that surrounds you. Take the Kalalau trail and experience the 22 miles of mesmerizing waterfalls, dramatic cliffs and the unspoiled coast. If you and your partner are serious adventurers, you can even arrange a romantic overnight camping midway. 

Ice Hotel, Sweden - Have you ever stayed in a hotel with an expiration date? That's how the Ice Hotel in Sweden works. Made of solid ice, this hotel is only open during the winter, simply because it melts in the summer and is then completely rebuilt for the next season.

Cuddling up next your loved one may not be enough to keep you warm in this hotel, considering the beds are made of ice as well, but the experience is out of this world. Of course, your nights will be incredibly comfortable in thermal bags and reindeer hides and you can always stay in the "warm rooms."


Adrenaline Junkies


Safari in South Africa - Who says romance and adrenaline don't go together? Kruger Park in South Africa specializes in providing travelers with unique safari tours combined with luxury escapes and romantic celebrations of love. 

Stay at the lovely Honeymoon Safari Lodge and allow yourself to be spoiled by the staff. Then get excited by the morning game drive and enjoy observing unbelievable wilderness sights you won't be able to see anywhere else. While you're there, take a hot air-balloon ride over the African savannas and marvel in the breathtaking views. Unwind after your adrenaline-pumping day with a cocktail by the swimming pool and explore some of the local cuisine. 

Shark Diving in Australia - Diving with Great White Sharks doesn't really scream romance for many, but if it does to you and your partner, Australia is the place to be. Many coastal cities offer unbelievable underwater adventures that include shark and sea lion sightings. So, if seeing Great Whites is something you want to check off your bucket list, this is a no-brainer.

When you're not diving, you can enjoy a wide variety of other activities such as observing the rare Australian flora and fauna, munching on delicious Australian delicacies, wine tasting, surfing, fishing and relaxing at the beach.

Volcano Exploring in Iceland - If you and your partner are true thrill seekers, you will jump at the opportunity to explore one of Iceland's 130 volcanos. Wait till we tell you that you have the chance not only to tour, but also descend one of the active volcanos as well! 

Thrihnukagigur Volcano is dormant, it hasn't erupted in 4,000 years and it probably won't erupt again any time soon, but descending 120 meters down one of its craters still sounds exhilarating. The tour includes a hike to the volcano and this "journey towards the center of the earth", and it is unlike anything else on the planet.


Travel Hacks For Couples

Before we let you take off, we wanted to give you a few great traveling hacks for couples that we use all the time.

Unisex Gear - Taking unisex gear is a simple solution for carrying less on your daytrips and traveling more comfortably. Get yourself a backpack such as the Herschel Heritage Backpack and pack your water, umbrella, camera and other daytrip essentials so you can take turns carrying it.


Shared Travel Items - You don't need two shampoos and two toothpastes. To save some space in your suitcase, pack shared toiletries. You can do the same with sunscreen, bug sprays, umbrellas and even chargers.

One Carry-On - If you're going on a short trip, you don't need two carry-on bags. Travelling lightly will make your trip so much easier and stress-free and you definitely don't need 3 pairs of pants and more than one pair of shoes for a weekend-trip.

Split Up Packing - If you're carrying two bags or suitcases, split up the packing. Pack half of your belongings in your partner's suitcase and let them pack half of theirs in your suitcase. You can do the same with your cash and cards so if one of your bags gets stolen or lost, you will always have half of your belongings. To keep your valuables extra safe the Herschel Oxford Pouch Leather Wallet is an awesome choice for the ladies while the Bellroy Travel Wallet is perfect for men.


Scan Your Passports - You've already heard this one. Just to be safe, scan your passports, boarding passes and other important documents. But it may have not occurred to you to give the copies to your partner and take theirs. Again, if one of the bags gets stolen, you will still have either the original or the copy of your documents.

We hope you've gathered enough ideas for your next romantic vacation and you've become inspired enough to start planning another adventure right away. Wherever the road takes you next, one thing is for certain - your trip is going to be carefree and infinitely exciting.

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